Meet Terri Roberts

Currently managing the creative department of OPTAVIA, USA. I joined an ever-expanding marketing and communications team, whose mission is to offer the world lifelong transformation, one healthy habit at a time®. Building upon experience gained through my prior positions I received the opportunity to develop an enhanced business kit to help grow the OPTAVIA Coach Field. While developing an in-house creative team that includes print designers, digital designers, videographers, freelancers, interns, and creative specialists.


Prior to my management position with OPTAVIA. The unique nature of my print and digital design skillset, offered me the opportunity to be part of the start-up internet retailer, Bambeco. There I provided creative direction for daily emails, marketing, branding, e-commerce website design, as well as launching the core packaging guidelines and specifications for the company’s proprietary retail products. Leveraging my dual skillset, I was the lead designer during the producton and delivery of Bambeco's first ever direct mail catalog campaign.

As Creative Director for local Baltimore contract seating company David Edward, I established a new brand standard for all marketing and digital materials. During my time there, I launched a new binder catalog system, plus generated multiple promotional materials that were utilized by David Edward’s fleet of sales representatives throughout the world.


Early in my career I was lucky enough to be a Senior Graphic Designer at A & A Global Industries. Joining a youthful in-house team of creatives that taught me a great amount of structure while learning to appreciate the strength and importance of a strong brand style guide. Designing products for such licensed brands as Harley Davidson, Disney, MLB, NFL, and others allowed me to learn from the ground up what excellent brand standards look like. In addition, learning core lessons associated with FDA packaging guidelines and regulations, we created POP, counter and carton cases for the companies novelty candy line, Koko's Confectionery.



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